International orders

  • Sarraf offers shipping to 45 different countries around the world and the ability to pay using all major credit cards. All prices are in US dollar.
  • is shipping globally to most countries including Canada, United Kingdom, and parts of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, among many countries.
  • All Prices are in US dollar to determine price in your countries currencies you should check with you bank for the exchange rate.


We use FedEx® to ship your order.

Shipping Rates : For Orders shipped outside USA FedEx® International is $40.00

Taxes and Duties

We do not charge DUTY TAX on your orders however your countries may decide to charge you DUTY TAX on your order. in those cases, is not responsible for the DUTY. The DUTY is your responsibility. If you fail to pay your DUTY TAX your countries may send us the TAX bill in those cases we will charge the amount of DUTY TAX bill to your credit card.